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Treating addiction and depression at Choice House


Depressive disorder, commonly referred to as depression, is a serious mental disability with serious consequences, negatively impacting how individuals feel, think, and act, and ultimately resulting in feelings of sadness as well as loss of interest in activities they previously enjoyed. Like many mental illnesses we treat at our Boulder rehabilitation center, depression doesn’t discriminate, affecting people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status. The 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 7 percent of all U.S. adults -- approximately 17.3 million people -- reported having at least one major depressive episode.

symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depressive disorder can vary but generally include significant “episodes” lasting longer than 2 weeks, during which time the individual may have trouble coping with the demands of day-to-day life. Common symptoms of depression include:

  • Altered sleep patterns (sleeping too little or too much)
  • Changes in appetite (eating too little or too much)
  • Difficulty concentrating and impaired cognition
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Feelings of guilt or hopelessness
  • Changes in movement (slower movements or unintentional motions)
  • Physical aches and pains
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

causes of depression

Our Boulder rehabilitation center recognizes causes of depression also vary from individual to individual. Family history, traumatic life experiences such as childhood abuse or relationship changes such as divorce, medical conditions such as chronic pain or anxiety, and brain chemistry can all play a role in depressive episodes. Complicating the process of diagnosis is the fact that substance use disorders also can mimic depressive symptoms.

Alcohol and other central nervous system depressants can lead to feelings of sadness and hopelessness as well as lethargy. Many depressed individuals turn to drugs or alcohol to boost their spirits and cope with emotional pain, but the use of substances makes them feel worse, and they consume more in the hopes of improving their mood by upping the dose. The behavior often spirals out of control, and within time, the depressed individual develops a substance use disorder, which only leads to more negative feelings, perpetuating a harmful cycle.

help for depression

Helping those who have both clinical depression and a substance abuse disorder requires a type of treatment known as dual diagnosis treatment (or integrated treatment), which involves treating multiple conditions simultaneously to maximize the chance of lasting recovery. Although there are currently no “cures” for depression or addiction, medications such as antidepressants and mood stabilizers, under the care of a professional, and various forms of therapy and alternative treatments such as mindfulness training can help individuals develop better-coping skills and enjoy a happier, more stable life.

dual diagnosis treatment at choice house

An addiction recovery center located in Boulder, Colorado, Choice House is staffed by a team of dedicated mental healthcare specialists who provide effective, integrated dual diagnosis treatment to support individuals who are struggling with addiction and the challenges associated with clinical depression. Through our various programs – 90-day residential treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and structured sober living – our experienced team of licensed therapists and behavioral health professionals work with participants in group and individual settings to identify the root causes of the issues they face.

Our Boulder rehabilitation center explores every avenue of support to give our participants greater peace of mind and the courage to pursue lifelong recovery.



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