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Conveniently located in beautiful and thriving Boulder County, Colorado, the Choice House rehabilitation center and recovery community for drug and alcohol addiction features a 90-day treatment campus in Boulder as well as our neighborhood sober living homes and a welcoming campus located in close proximity to each other as well as bus lines and various shops and businesses. In less than 15 minutes, you can move from the bustling city to the serene natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain foothills, the perfect place to rediscover who you are and find the path back to your healthiest, most meaningful life with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

At Choice House, a Boulder rehabilitation center, we nurture a close-knit alliance of ‘brothers’, primarily because we believe that personal connection and community is the greatest gift someone can receive during the drug and alcohol addiction recovery and treatment experience. To foster the development of these strong, lasting connections, we strive to ensure the Choice House space encourages love, vulnerability, and deep bonding. We will do whatever we can to help the individual learn healthy new skills that promote growth and a strong spiritual foundation in our Boulder rehabilitation center.

We believe that successful recovery from addiction lies in that individuals’ willingness to grasp on to recovery, community, new ideas and spiritual principles.

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known,
and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness
and affection.” – Brene Brown


our mission

To help the men who entrust their recovery to Choice House develop an unshakable foundation
 that guides their journey to freedom, personal growth and lasting sobriety.

why choice house?

  • Choice House has some of the most well-respected and experienced professionals in the drug and alcohol addiction recovery field. Members of our team rely on an inclusive, collaborative approach, working closely with clients and their families as well as anyone else who is involved in the addiction recovery process.



  • An active, growing, and flourishing community, Boulder County provides ample work, volunteer, education, and internship opportunities for Choice House residents.

we'd like to talk

To learn more about the Choice admissions process, please contact our admissions coordinator at 720-577-4422 or hello@choicehouse.com.

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Don’t let addiction or co-occurring mental health conditions keep you from leading the happy, healthy, and empowered life you deserve. Contact Choice House today and embrace recovery.

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