how the pandemic made outdoor therapy mainstream

Before COVID-19, in-person therapy sessions were the norm. But afterward, the risk of infection became too high in a confined space, so many providers turned to teletherapy instead to treat certain conditions. Although this approach works and is vitally needed to bridge the gap in mental health care, like all things, it isn’t necessarily right…

How To Find Your Professional Passion & Sidestep Burnout in the New Year

If you were paying attention last year, you’ve heard all about the Great Resignation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans quit their jobs by the millions in 2021, becoming fed up with low wages and the rising cost of living. They were frustrated, burnt out and ready to let the world know.…
Managing Anxiety as COVID Restrictions Are Lifted

Managing Anxiety as COVID Restrictions Are Lifted

With COVID-19 vaccines available, the push for returning to “normalcy” has been the focus of the global community. Though, after a year of navigating the pandemic, you might feel exhausted, and the last thing you’re ready to do is to go full throttle back into how things were. There might also be many emotional and…

What Are Some Must-Dos in Boulder, Colorado?

For the uninitiated, a cursory view of addiction recovery treatments and rehab centers might have you convinced that it is all work, work, work and no play. It might even be a little intimidating with all the talk about learning new coping mechanisms, improving self care, and undergoing different varieties of therapeutic treatment methods.  We…
Ways to Cope Amid Crisis

How Can I Cope With Anxiety During a Health Crisis

As we evolve, so does the world around us. Humans are not the only organisms or lifeforms that change and adapt to the world. We are surrounded by animals that change, plants that evolve, and many things we can’t see that are continually moving forward to become better. This is also the case with illnesses…

how to manage recovery during covid-19

how to apply your recovery skills to self-isolating during a global pandemic Although the COVID-19 global pandemic seems to be putting most of our lives temporarily “on hold,” it helps to look for the silver lining in our current situation. If you’re in recovery, you likely have ready access to many of the skills required…
Washing hands

Choice House message on COVID-19

We’re closely monitoring COVID-19 throughout the United States and have put into place additional processes to ensure client safety, education around this virus, as well as increased hygiene of our staff, clients and facilities. In the interest of our clients, staff, families, and local community we are proceeding with the following precautions: Some outdoor activities…

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