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At Choice House, a Boulder, Colorado treatment center for substance abuse, we know the journey toward sobriety is a lifelong pursuit, which is why we focus on building the lasting foundations that make that possible. The drug and alcohol addiction recovery process doesn’t end after your stay in our Boulder sober living community and treatment center, and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to help you keep that goal in sight. One way to do that is by keeping in touch with those individuals who are either on the same sober living journey or who fully support your path. We do both.

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Embracing New Beginnings at Choice House

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We encourage Choice House alumni to stay in touch as well as help give support to (and receive support from) the Choice drug and alcohol addiction recovery support community. We welcome all Boulder, Colorado substance addiction treatment center alumni to stay in touch through our alumni group meetings, conferences, special events, monthly alumni dinners, outings and expeditions, volunteer opportunities, and the list goes on.

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Choice House was an essential piece to my current sobriety. I stayed at Choice House for 6 months while enduring through the loss of a family member. Having a safe place and in-house meetings helped me get through the unimaginable while recovering from my own addictions. I felt very comfortable in their upscale, nice living environment. I would recommend Choice House to anyone who needs help. I am forever grateful for my time at Choice House.”

matthew - Matthew D.

"I am a Choice House alumni and I think it's safe to say this was one of the best experiences with treatment I have ever had. The staff, including the owners, truly cared about my well being and even the higher-ups are engaged with the clients, which you don't find very often in the treatment industry. I thought that they balanced the treatment and transition aspects of extended care very effectively. I have four years sober and I don't think I could have achieved that without the life and recovery skills I gained at Choice House. 10/10 would recommend."

christopher - Christopher P.

"Choice House was a great experience for me to say the least. I felt very comfortable and had the support of excellent staff and great people 24/7. Choice House does truly and genuinely care about all of their clients 110%. I would of never had as much fun, met so many great people, and learned so much about recovery and myself, if I had not lived at Choice House. After my stay, I still have had a lot of support from Choice House. I'm very very thankful for the experience. 🙂 Thank you!!!"

andrew - Andrew F.

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