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Painkillers Rehab Center in Boulder, CO

A common misconception is that drug addiction always involves illegal substances. But not all addictions stem from illicit activity – some start with prescribed medication to combat health issues and evolve into addiction over time. The line between healthy use of prescription painkillers and abuse can oftentimes be blurred because the initial intent is usually harmless. However, it can be easy to form a dangerous dependency on prescription medication.

The drug treatment process can be just as serious for prescription painkillers as for other hard drugs. When recovering from painkiller addiction, an individual needs a strong support team and structured environment to break the habit of prescription drug addiction.

The Choice House Approach to Painkiller Addiction

Our Boulder area painkiller rehab and Colorado opioid addiction treatment programs combine structured sober living, strong communal brotherhood, healthy lifestyle practices and multiple types of therapy to create lifelong sobriety. Our compassionate team understands the struggles our participants have experienced and has special training to help individuals recover from a painkiller drug addiction.

Participants in our Boulder area painkiller rehab and Colorado opioid addiction treatment programs will start the drug recovery process with our 90-day treatment program, where they will follow a set routine and undergo individual and group therapy in a supportive and positive environment.

Following this primary treatment, participants can continue drug rehabilitation at our sober living homes and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). During this time, participants will transition back into civilian life while having the option to live in one of our Boulder sober living homes. Through our IOP, individuals will practice the 12-step program, where they will find recovery through strong moral principles and spiritual aspects. Additionally, at our Boulder painkiller rehab facility, they will receive solid tools for reacclimating into professional careers, including counseling and resume help.

Many individuals have found peace, health and long-lasting sobriety after leaving Choice House’s Boulder painkiller rehab and completing our Colorado opioid addiction treatment program. Explore Boulder rehab and sober living home options by contacting Admissions: 720-577-4422 or

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