The Healing Power of Nature: Reclaim Your Life with Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Every individual’s experience with drug or alcohol addiction is unique, which means there are multiple routes to healing and reclaiming sobriety. At Choice House, we offer numerous programs and types of therapy so our participants can engage in what resonates most with them. We place strong emphasis on outdoor adventure therapy because we know firsthand just how powerful nature is when recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Here is a brief overview of our Outdoor Adventure Therapy program:

Why Outdoor Therapy is Beneficial in Recovery

Before we delve into specifics, it’s important to understand why exactly we believe in our Outdoor Adventure Therapy program so wholeheartedly:

  • Builds connections. Everything we do at Choice House is about creating bonds and fostering brotherhood. Outdoor activities allow for this powerful type of connection that is essential to breaking free from addiction.
  • Forms a new healthy relationship. In simplest terms, addiction can be summed up as an extremely unhealthy relationship with a harmful substance. When taking away that relationship, it can be tremendously helpful to replace it with a new, healthy relationship – this time with nature.
  • Engage in physical activity. Participating in physical activity of any kind strengthens the mind as much as it does the body. Exercise releases positive endorphins in the brain, making challenges feel more doable time after time.
  • Gain a new perspective on life. In many cases, we tend to use drugs and alcohol as a distraction from anything uncomfortable in life – or even from boredom. Outdoor therapy is an excellent way to retrain your brain and appreciate just “being” rather than relying on vices to get us through the negative times.

Our Top Spots for Outdoor Adventure Therapy

With the Rocky Mountains west of Boulder as our playground, we really have endless opportunities for outdoor rejuvenation. A few of our favorite spots and activities include the following:

Destinations and activities during warm weather months:

  • Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Boulder Flatirons peaks
  • Leisurely activities like disc golf, kickball and corn hole

Destinations and activities during cold weather months:

  • Eldora Mountain for skiing and snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park

Unique Opportunities for Healing

In addition to our go-to locations for Outdoor Adventure Therapy, we have a few unique opportunities for engaging with nature, such as the Song of the Wolf Healing Center. This incredible organization is home to abused, unwanted, confiscated, and surrendered wolf-dogs. The interactions our men have with these animals is impactful, genuine and unlike any other.

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about Outdoor Adventure Therapy or any other program. Talk to us today: 720-577-4422 or


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