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Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is more than a specified moment, day or event. It is a complete lifestyle transformation that can only be achieved through a regulated, multi-faceted process. Such transformation doesn’t occur overnight, so we don’t treat it like it does.

At our Boulder, Colorado long-term addiction rehab center for drug and alcohol abuse, we have found that 90-day residential treatment and a continuum of care are most effective for achieving lifelong sobriety. Traditional methods of drug rehab consisted of just 28 days of addiction treatment, but this short amount of time was not successful long-term.

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benefits of long-term treatment

Why does length of time matter in rehab?

If the tools learned during 28-day treatment are the same as those learned over a period of three months, why should the length of time even matter? It’s imperative to remember that addiction is an overwhelmingly powerful habit that requires an entire shift of thinking and behavior. It takes more than a month to create new habits, find a structured routine and make healthy life choices. At our Colorado long-term addiction rehab center for drug and alcohol abuse, we focus on this positive transformation during our 90-day residential treatment program, as well as during our structured sober living program and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

What are the benefits of long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment?

Besides a greater chance of prolonged sobriety, a 90-day treatment program has numerous benefits, a few of which include:

  • More time to practice the recovery techniques learned during treatment that can be carried into post-treatment life
  • Increased chance of developing unique bonds with those also going through drug rehab, which translates to a greater community following initial treatment
  • Make the most of counseling in rehab by allowing more time to develop a personal relationship with our team of counselors and therapists
  • Break the cycle of dependence by allowing more time to retrain your brain

Learn more about these benefits.

The Choice House Difference

We’re not just here for the first month of your recovery journey – we’re here for life. At our Colorado long-term addiction rehab center for drug and alcohol abuse, we understand the value of long addiction recovery periods and walk by your side through every step. Even following initial drug rehabilitation, we encourage participants to stay connected through our alumni events to ensure a continual strong community.

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